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Why Choose Us

Total Debt Management

Why Consider Outsourcing to Gilchery?

In our 10 years of experience, recovering all manner of debts for a wide range of companies, we have discovered the following recurring issues are shared by most of our clients:

  1. Slow or non- paying Customers
  2. Bad debts strangling cash flow
  3. Opportunity cost when staff are engaged in collecting debts rather than concentrate on the company’s core business.
  4. High legal costs which risk losing more money.
  5. Setting funds aside to provide for doubtful debts monies that have been invested.
  6. Declined value of funds under inflationary pressures due to the time lag between service provision and payment.
  7. Budget pressures limiting expansion in headcounts.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on the following main pillars:

  1. Focus on local service provision and operations.
  2. Complement with regional service offerings.
  3. Offer a comprehensive range of credit management services.
  4. Work continuously to improve quality and efficiency.
  5. Value addition through skip tracing and field visits to improve contactable files and collection.