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Skynotch Poultry

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Skynotch Poultry was established several years ago with an aim to providing all solutions regarding poultry farming of all types like KARI Improved Kienyeji chicken farming, Indian Kuroiler Farming Broiler farming, Indian Kuroiler Farming and other breeds in East Africa and particularly in Kenya.

Within a short period, Skynotch Poultry has registered impressive performance and growth. Looking back at our humble Beginning and the strong foundation that we have managed to build, we are encouraged and optimistic about what the future holds.

At Skynotch Poultry, we understand that many Poultry farmers in Kenya are small to medium scale farmers. Indeed majority of the poultry farmers in kenya practice Free range chicken farming, commonly known as Kienyeji farming. With this understanding, we endeavor everyday to provide affordable solutions that enhance the productivity of the farmers activities. There is still a wide market that is still unexploited in Kenya. From recent research, it is estimated that, currently, the demand for poultry products in Kenya exceeds the supply by more than five times. This demand has especially been created by the rising awareness of Benefits of White Meet‎ and its key role in human nutrition. The questions that comes to mind there are:

How can we ensure that the demand-supply gap is closed up or narrowed down?
Where is the demand that is stipulated in the above mentioned research.

If you have the similar questions as above, the answer to both of them is one. The answer is skynotch poultry. Our sole basis of foundation was to address these two issues.