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Skynotch Dairy

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Our Objectives

We share our experiences through our experts in animal nutrition, feeding, breeding, calf rearing, milking techniques, milk handling and hygiene, types of cattle, Health management, dairy agribusiness, feed production machinery, food storage.

Our Vision

Skynotch Dairy Farm’s vision was to establish a modern dairy on a reclaimed swamp, breed high quality cows, which in turn produce lots of milk and calve pedigree bulls and heifers, in a healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly way. Thus, creating local employment, selling high quality milk products, and contributing to the nation’s food security. This we have been very successful. Our farming method are as organic as we possibly can to ensure that our products are chemical free.

In addition, we hope to set up a small cottage industry for on-farm processing of our dairy products.

In the future, we are planning to host open days where local farmers, schools and other stakeholders, who wish to learn about modern dairy farming, may visit our farm for practical dairy training or seek consultation services. We also intend to parade and showcase our cows in the agricultural and breeders’ shows in the coming years .