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Skynotch Credit

Total Debt Management

Skynotch Credit is a credit Micro-Finance Company licensed in Kenya. We are a customer focused micro-finance company with a variety range of loan products custom-made to suit your borrowing needs. We pride ourselves in offering our financial solutions, timely and at competitive pricing.

Our expertise
Skynotch Credits offers a wide range of asset finance products. Our products are geared towards giving you better cash flow management and are tailor made to your specific needs. We offer flexible finance terms and repayment options.

We distinguish ourselves by our focus on speed, flexibility, service delivery and innovation. Sky Credit team members are enthusiastic, hardworking and driven. Get in touch with our office to learn what products we offer and how we can be of service to you. With you we go the EXTRA mile!

Our Loan Products

Investment Loan

Finance Lease

Hire Purchase Loans

Operating Lease

Consumer Credit

Personal Loan